Tein Technology & Robovision : improving safety of Kennedy Tunnel with AI

In cooperation with the Flemish government, Tein Technology has launched a unique project to improve safety in the region’s tunnel network. The primary testing ground for this innovative AI approach to tunnel safety is one of the country’s most used tunnels: the Kennedy tunnel in Antwerp.

AI for a safer future on the road

The Flemish Traffic Centre, part of the Flemish Roads & Traffic Agency, called on Tein Technology to develop a system to improve tunnel safety with a ground-breaking configuration, combining a state-of-the-art camera system with additional AI analysis software.

The camera systems currently in use in the Flemish tunnel network are built with traditional technology These systems compare live imagery with predefined references of specific cases that might compromise tunnel safety. The problem is, the traditional image comparison technology cannot fully capture the continuously changing conditions inside the tunnel, setting off false alarms all too often, and missing out on less common dangerous situations.


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Tein Technology renews maintenance contract for Brussels Capital Region’s MANBRU

For the coming 4 years, Tein Technology will remain the go-to maintenance partner for the Brussels Capital Region government’s MANBRU ethernet technical network. This network transmits all technical data required for effective mobility management by the MOBIRIS centre.

This data includes:

  • All data of the Brussels tunnel network, with 26 tunnels involved: video, emergency telephones, AID, PMV, CO-Nox detection, fire detection and more.
  • All data coming from the major roads at the heart of the Brussels region: crossroads feed, traffic light management system.
  • All data from the part of the city’s ringway under the jurisdiction of the Brussels Region: 24 PTZ cameras.

Finally, the contract includes the maintenance of all hardware and software of MOBIRIS centre’s CCTV infrastructure.


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Start of a new project within the DIAMONIS contract with Rijkswaterstaat

Start of a new project within the DIAMONIS contract with Rijkswaterstaat

In collaboration with our partner SAAB, Tein Technology has been working for Rijkswaterstaat on DIAMONIS (Dutch Inland AIS Monitoring Infrastructure) for some time.

The DIAMONIS system of Rijkswaterstaat in the Netherlands is an AIS system to automatically identify ships, both inland and on the North Sea. These vessels send their signals through a transponder with VHF link, which is received by base stations across the country.


Project Migratie AIS Noordzee (MAN)

Rijkswaterstaat has started a project in which it will take over the AIS locations of the Dutch Kustwacht. This means that these locations are also added to the DIAMONIS contract and come under the management of SAAB Tein VOF (STV), with respect to the maintenance and support.


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SMART Four Arms tunnel in Brussels


Tein technology is proud to be part of the renovation of the Four Arms tunnel.

This tunnel, on the border of the Flemish and Brussels region, underwent a total renovation in the past years.


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