Renovation of the Leopold II Tunnel in Brussels


Tein Technology takes part in the Leopold II Tunnel renovation

With the full renovation of the Leopold II Tunnel in Brussels in sight, Tein Technology is pleased to announce that three new communication systems of the tunnel will be executed by our teams, overseen by Engie Fabricom, which was awarded the overall project.


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The Shipping Assistance Division in Ostend: a high-performance video management platform


The Shipping Assistance Division in Ostend ensures the safe passage of all vessels on the maritime access routes to and from the Flemish seaports, providing the necessary vessel traffic services.

It also supports and coordinates all search and rescue activities at sea out of the Maritime Rescue and Coordination centre. To fully execute its mission, the division draws on a wide range of communication tools including radar, CCTV, signalling and lighting, radio communication systems, etc.

In collaboration with Engie Fabricom, since 2015

The Shipping Assistance Division currently has over 170 cameras across several locations such as the ports of Nieuwpoort, Ostend, Blankenberge, Zeebruges, Ghent and Terneuzen. And while the main division building is in Ostend, the operations building is located in Zelzate and is supported by infrastructure in several other locations.

Tein Technology ensures that the central management system, storage and the network remain in top condition at any given time. This maintenance and support contract, in collaboration with Engie Fabricom who handle the maintenance and support of all the physical installations, was signed in 2015 and will run until August 2019.


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Tein Technology delivers hardware for video surveillance in Balen


Optimizing the video monitoring and security of key sites

Tein Technology recently completed a project in Balen, a beautiful municipality in the Kempen region. When the intermunicipal company IOK put out a call for tenders to expand the town’s video surveillance system, Tein Technology threw its hat in the ring and won the contract.


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Tein Technology gives complete video surveillance system a makeover


Full upgrade for the Lier police department

Tein Technology has been a trusted partner of the Lier police department for years. When the previous tender ended, the city put out a new call for tenders. Once again, Tein Technology won the contract, allowing us to pursue this fruitful partnership for years to come.


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