Knokke-Heist beach pavilion & Tein Technology


When mesmerizing architecture meets state-of-the-art camera surveillance

The recently opened Knokke-Heist beach pavilion is truly one-of-a-kind. This striking piece of architecture, home to the municipality’s lifeguard team, is a genuine landmark on the Belgian coast.

The eye-catching colourful structure, located right on the beach with beautiful views of the city’s coastline, needed to be integrated into the local police force’s camera surveillance network to prevent potential vandalism and monitor its surroundings for security reasons.


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Upgrade and extension of camera surveillance system Brussels North Police Department


Putting Tein Technology’s expertise to work in our own back yard

The latest stage in the longstanding partnership between the Brussels North Police Department and Tein Technology – which started in 2011 – has been the complete renewal of the current video management system, together with the addition of several new camera locations and the connection of the current video surveillance system with the interior cameras in the police department buildings.


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New Perex Centre 4.0 : Tein Technology futureproofs Inland Waterways management


On Friday 26 April, the Perex Centre inaugurated its new and improved facilities in Daussoulx, becoming a major actor of national infrastructure. Wallon Minister of Mobility and Transport Carlo Di Antonio, the SOFICO and the Public Service of Wallonia (SPW) were in attendance for this landmark occasion.

Smart Inland Waterways management

The SPW turned to Tein Technology to carry out the first installation and technological overhaul of the facilities, and we happily delivered.

Tein Technology has put in place a brand new full integrated system with a video management system, a communication platform, an access control-intrusion detection system and a fire detection system for a lock located in the Namur region (Salzinnes), allowing the lock operators to easily control it remotely from the Perex Center.

A technological leap for greater capabilities

The Perex Centre is well-known in the Wallon institutional landscape for its role in centralizing and providing traffic updates to road users. The initial building, opened in 1999, was in need of an upgrade and expansion.


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Tein Technology improves the DIAMONIS updating process for Rijkswaterstaat


The DIAMONIS system of Rijkswaterstaat in the Netherlands is an AIS system to automatically identify ships, both inland and on the North Sea. These vessels send their signals through a transponder with VHF link, which is received by base stations across the country.

Upgrading the entire production environment

All of this information is centralized in two data centres for further processing. The two data centres hold the details of all ships present inland and on the North Sea at any given time.

With the comprehensive upgrade of the production environment, the AIS system was due for renewal too. The current production environment will now be set up as an acceptance system, while a third system will be used for testing in the future.

Less downtime, more reliability

Tein Technology completed the entire project, including a full renewal of all software and hardware and the migration of the current base stations and DIS services into the new production environment, thus improving the system’s availability and reliability.


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