The Flemish seaports: Tein Technology takes on radio infrastructure and voice communications maintenance


You might remember the news article on the Tein Technology project for the Port of Zeebrugge, to renew and upgrade its entire communication system.

Following that assignment, the Flemish Government sought a partner to maintain and manage the radio and voice communications infrastructure of all Flemish seaports, including Zeebrugge,the port of Ghent and the Maritime Rescue and Control Centre in Ostend.

Joining forces with Engie Fabricom to better meet expectations

Tein Technology is pleased to announce that it was selected to integrate all three seaports’ communication infrastructure into a single user-friendly and effective platform.

The tender was won in partnership with Engie Fabricom, offering the Flemish Government a strategic combination of manpower in the field, provided by Engie Fabricom, and Tein Technology’s technical expertise. The scope of the contract includes managing and maintaining the central hardware and offering technical support for the technical infrastructure.


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ASIS Europe 2019-Rotterdam : Tein Technology & business partner Mauell


From the 27th of March until the 29th of March, Tein Technology will be present at ASIS Europe 2019 together with business partner Mauell, Leading manufacturer of control and data visualization systems.

Tein Technology and Mauell will entertain visitors at their joint exhibition space at ASIS 2019 (stand B1B).

ASIS Europe 2019 provides an established platform for education and business exchange.

The event addresses the key trends and issues facing professionals in the region dealing with physical and cyber security, risk, compliance, investigations, crisis management, safety and disaster response.


ASIS Europe 2019 will take place at Postillion Convention Centre World Trade Centre Rotterdam

Beursplein 37

3011 AA

Postbus 30066, 3001 DB


The Netherlands


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Tein Technology: more eyes on the field for the Bruges Police department


Committed to offering their citizens the highest level of security, the Bruges Police department called on Tein Technology to expand their current video management system in the Golden Triangle, the tourist area that welcomes hundreds of thousands of people every year.

To meet client’s expectations, Tein Technology delivered and installed six movable dome cameras and connected them to the central control room, significantly increasing camera coverage in the area.

Tein Technology executed the project swiftly and thoroughly, and will be in charge of the maintenance of all cameras from the Bruges Police Department.


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Video management system in Zele: Tein Technology expands current camera network


Last year, Tein Technology had the honour of modernizing the entire camera network and video management system of the municipality of Zele, in East Flanders.

This complete upgrade involved an extensive overhaul of a dated video management system to a brand-new, sophisticated camera surveillance network with an eye to improving safety on the entire territory.

An adapted videowall, a fully upgraded system, tools for video analysis and forensic search, state-of-the-art cameras connected to a main control room through an optic fibre glass network… The entire project was completed to the full satisfaction of the client.

Increasing safety for Zele’s citizens


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